Foton - Batteries and flashlights

Foton is a Sprinter brand which provides the necessary energy and light for freedom of movement, encourages an active lifestyle and never turns down a challenge.

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Escape - Emergency lighting fixtures
 Escape - Corpuri de iluminat de siguranta

We decided in 2003 to develop the best emergency lighting fixtures in Romania.

We wanted to create a product that would be easy to mount, that would have low maintenance costs, as well as outstanding performances and an elegant design. Escape.

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Rayovac - Batteries
Rayovac - Baterii
With an 100 years experience, Rayovac is one of the most important battery producers in the world: round batteries (saline, alkaline), hearing-aid batteries, watch batteries, Li button-cells, etc.

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Peli - Watertight protector cases and professional flashlights
Peli - Lanterne profesionale si genti de protectie

Being a brand of Pelican Products INC. – USA, PELI offers for the European market a full range of watertight protective cases and professional flashlights.

The excellence of PELI quality is also recommended by the guarantee system: “Unconditionally Guaranteed … forever”.

For the last 25 years Peli products have been successfully used in different areas: industry, fire & rescue, police & security, military, outdoor/adventure, diving, etc

“All trademarks are registered and/or unregistered trademarks of Peli Products, S.L.U. its parents, subsidiaries and/or affiliates.”

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Saft - Batteries

 Saft - baterii si acumulatori

Saft is the world’s leading manufacturer of both nickel-cadmium batteries for industrial applications and primary lithium batteries for a wide range of end markets.

The group is also the European leader for specialised advanced technologies for the defence and space industries.

General Electric - Lighting bulbs

Established by Thomas Edison, the company has been maintaining the tradition of the innovative spirit ever since.

Thus, for over 125 years, the products GE invent and produce fuel the global economy and improve people’s lives.

Following these lines, two of the GE research centre employees were awarded the Nobel Prize throughout history: Irving Langmuir 1932 and Ivar Giaever 1973.

Brunox - Care and maintenance products

Brunox - Produse de ingrijire si de intretinere

Brunox® began its activity in 1976 in Switzerland as a result of a research activity in chemistry. The founders of the company identified an innovative solution to the problem of rust and decided to offer this product to the market. Brunox therefore started with a rust converting emulsion and an anti-corrosive spray (Brunox Epoxy). The widespread success of these products has led to major investments in expanding the range, with the birth of a lubricant-degreasing spray (Brunox Turbo Spray) in 1995. The range has continued to grow in the years that followed with innovative benchmarks with various applications.

Brunox® is the market leader in bicycle care products in Germany. The products are used and recommended by the major BMW and Audi car dealers. Manufacturers of Glock, Fiocchi, and SwissArms weapons also use and recommend Brunox maintenance products.

Hoppecke - Stationary batteries with lead

Hoppecke - Acumulatori stationari cu plumb

Hoppecke – GERMANY One of the world’s largest producers of stationary lead-acid batteries.

Varta - Lead-acid batteries and modern batteries

Varta - Baterii plumb-acid şi baterii moderne

The power behind VARTA batteries is called Johnson Controls Power Solutions – the world market leader for lead-acid batteries and modern batteries – for conventional vehicles, but also for Start-Stop, hybrid and electric vehicles. And the first company to produce large series lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles. Today millions of people around the world are using innovative Varta products.

Stayhold - Fixing items in the trunk

Stayhold - Fixarea obiectelor în portbagaje

“Hold anything. Position anywhere”

The best patented organizer system for fixing objects in the trunk.

Salicru - UPS and rectifiers

Salicru - UPS si redresoare

Manufacturer in Spain for UPS sources of the highest quality, as well as rectifiers, inverters, protective sockets, etc. In Romania it is represented by the importer Sprinter 2000 SA –

Eve Battery - Lithium tyonyl batteries

Eve Battery - Baterii cu litiu-tyonil

Eve Energy Co. – manufacturer of high quality lithium tyonyl batteries from Gunagdong Province, China.

Wolf Safety Lamp - Portable lighting articles

Wolf Safety Lamp - Articole de iluminat portabil

Wolf Safety lamp UK – Manufacturer of specialized portable lighting products for explosive hazardous environments (Antiex) in the United Kingdom. Wherever there are explosive gases, vapors or dust with potential explosion risk, a “Wolf Safety” product ensures your safety!

Wisdom - Portable mining lamps

Wisdom - Lampi portabile pentru minerit

New Wisdom Investment Limited (WISDOM) – Hong Kong manufacturer of portable mining lamps. Very good quality products, CE certified, IP68, Ex. The “Wisdom” brand is a registered trademark in at least 110 countries.

Patrol - Articles made of plastics

Patrol - Articole din materiale plastice

Patrol Group Polska – Polish manufacturer of plastic products, such as tool boxes (DIY), snow shovels, sleds and snowboards, flower pots, pebbles, etc.

Rombat - Car batteries

Rombat - Baterii auto

Rombat – Romanian manufacturer of car batteries with factory in Bistrita, member of Metair Group.

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