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25 August 2016

Company Structure

The sales division of Sprinter Distribution is separated into:

Electrics Division

The traditional direction of our company and the only one until 2003. It’s focus is on batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers, sealed lead acid batteries, flashlights, lighting sources, emergency lighting fixtures and CDs.

The product range is wide, bringing together both consumer and industrial products belonging to brands such as:

  • Foton (batteries, chargers, flashlights and CDs)
  • Escape (emergency lighting fixtures).
  • General Electric (low and medium voltage equipments, lighting bulbs)
  • Rayovac (hearing-aid batteries – 1st brand in the world)
  • Peli (professional flashlights and watertight protective cases)

Automotive Division

Established in 2003 to look more into this market, as it requires extensive technical knowledge and more focus on the primary product – the automotive batteries.

Basically, the automotive division’s activity is still ‘energy and light’, but it focuses on the automotive market. Besides the primary product, the car and motorcycle batteries, the automotive division also sales automotive light bulbs as well as various accessories (auto car perfume, windshield liquid detergent, batteries, flashlights and projectors, etc) Our partners for this division are Steco Batteries France and Victor, a brand that has been developed in the European Community. Regarding the automotive lighting, we are growing together with General Electric.

OEM Division

Besides the two distribution divisions presented above, Sprinter has a final consumer dedicated divizion (OEM division): industy, military and government structures etc.

For these clients we offer our standard products as well as personalised products and services, depending on the requirements and directions of each client in particular.

Distribution Map

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