The first brand of emergency lighting fixtures on the Romanian market

Escape - Emergency lighting fixtures

We decided in 2003 to develop the best emergency lighting fixtures in Romania.

We wanted to create a product that would be easy to mount, that would have low maintenance costs, as well as outstanding performances and an elegant design.

Therefore, as a result of our specialists’ research and tests, we can now offer the most innovative emergency lighting fixture on the Romanian market. No other similar product could compete with the utility, functionality, technology and the long term costs of ESCAPE.

Features that made them comply with the highest standards:

  • Elegant, transparent design.
  • 12 standard emergency designs
  • Over 3 hours battery-operating time
  • Light source: high luminance LEDs
  • Over 10 years LED lifetime
  • Low power consumption – 1.5W
  • Degree of protection IP40
  • The product complies with SR EN 60598-1 and SR EN 60598-2-22 European Standards
  • Certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Standard

ESCAPE’s outstanding performances have been appreciated by our customers (among which are Hilton Bucharest, Aro Palace Brasov, Bran Castle, Fashion Club Brasov, etc) and acknowledged by specialists. Thus, at the Expo Construct Fair, the most important Romanian exposition in the construction industry, the success ESCAPE has had with our clients has been confirmed by the technical committee, with an Excellency Certificate for innovation. We are pursuing ways of developing the range of ESCAPE products to provide complete emergency lighting solutions.

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