FOTON is Sprinter’s own brand

Inspired by the free-spirit of the young minds, Foton provides the necessary energy and light for freedom of movement, encourages an active lifestyle and never turns down a challenge. Foton is an adventurer.

Foton is Sprinter’s own brand, created as a crowning of the gained experience in more than a decade of commercial activity with batteries. Even though Foton is not entierly produced in our own production facilities, the Foton products are created respecting our strict quality standards. To insure product performance continuity, each product range is constantly being supervised and tested in our laboratory.


  • Foton Economy (saline) – energy without any ambitions
  • Foton Plus (saline) – They encapsulate just the right amount of energy for many applications.
  • Foton Master (alkaline) – Full of energy and vitality, they are highly efficient in active situations.
  • Foton Extreme (super alkaline) – energy for any challenge

There is no challenge they won’t accept. They always have the best performances, they succesfully power the most demanding equipments, they reach to the least accessible places.


  • Expert – fast, safe, anywhere, anyhow
  • Smart – fast, communicative, safe
  • Power – safety and dissociate power
  • Travel – light, ergonomic, flexible
  • Universal – all the rechargeable batteries
  • Standard – good price, good performance


  • Licurici – smile your way through the darkness
  • Standard – whenever you need them
  • Industrial – weather-proof and shock resistant
  • Sport – top performance
  • Super – elegant, posh


  • Slim cases – slender and spontaneous
  • 10 pcs box – executive work group
  • 50 pcs box – our daily CD

Relying on Sprinter’s national wide distribution network, Foton aims for a leading position on the Romanian battery and flashlight market.

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