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Peli - Watertight protector cases and professional flashlights

Being a brand of Pelican Products INC. – USA, PELI offers for the European market a full range of watertight protective cases and professional flashlights.

The excellence of PELI quality is also recommended by the guarantee system: “Unconditionally Guaranteed … forever”. For the last 25 years Peli products have been successfully used in different areas: industry, fire & rescue, police & security, military, outdoor/adventure, diving, etc. PELI PRODUCTS will continue to guarantee the product directly, against breakage or defects in workmanship.

This guarantee does not cover the lamp or batteries in lights. This guarantee is void only if the Peli product has not been abused beyond normal and sensible wear and tear.



When using or transporting hi-tech equipments in extreme conditions (shock&vibrations, underwater) is a problem, Peli cases are the answer.

General features:

  • all cases are watertight
  • all cases are equipped with automatic purge valve, except for the 1420 model.
  • cases are highly resistant to chemicals.
  • Peli cases meet MIL-STD 4150-J
  • stacking (up to 180 kg), drop test (121,9 cm)

Available colours:

  • black, silver, yellow, orange, blue, red, green.
  • any other colour can be ordered, depending on the product and the required quantity.




Peli flashlights’ features have recommended them to climbers and divers as well as to the professionals in the army, the navy, the fire departments, paramedics, and also to anyone who appreciates quality and utility functionalities in a flashlight.

Peli flashlights have more explosion proof approvals than any other manufacturer.

With innovations such as the polarity battery tray which makes impossible to turn on the flashlight if one or more cells are inverted, Peli torches safeguard against dangerous “out gassing” from an accidentally reversed cell.

Many Peli lights are watertight (some to 150 m), thanks to the o-ringed lens shroud and the umbrella valve which allows built-up pressure to release while keeping moisture out.

The computer-designed spot reflector offers the best in-focus even beam without any black spots.

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