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Rayovac - Hearing-aid batteries

With over 100 years of battery experience, Rayovac are acknowledged as the World Leader in zinc air technology and indeed is the World’s #1 hearing aid battery brand.

The Rayovac company has been established in 1906 in Madison, WI – USA as ‘The French Battery Company’ and has been known under the present name (RAYOVAC CO) since the 1930s.

The company have progresively introduced new ranges of batteries, chargers and flashlights with special features and performances, adapted to the north-american market which is the largest market in the world.

After taking over Varta company in 2002, Rayovac became the second producer of batteries in the world. This enriches the record the company has already detained – absolute world leader in the hearing-aid battery production.

Rayovac has been the battery company with the highest development rate as they bought a series of brands and production facilities worldwide.

So, in 2005 Rayovac changes name to Spectrum Brands, the American corporation of all the acquired brands, including RAYOVAC Batteries which started it all.


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