Company Structure

The sales division of Sprinter Distribution is separated into:

Wholesale Distribution Division

The traditional direction of the company focuses on the distribution of batteries, accumulators of all types and for a lot of areas, lanterns, accessories and consumables, cars, safety lighting. Starting from 2017 we carry out import and distribution of food products: especially pralines, chocolate and coffee.

The product ranges have a very wide spectrum, ranging from the most common to the most technical. The products distributed to stores by the Distributie and Key-account divisions belong to the brands:

  • Foton (batteries, chargers, flashlights and CDs)
  • Varta (car and motorcycle batteries)
  • Rayovac (Button-type batteries: watch, hearing aid, or lithium-button)
  • Brunox (lubricating / degreasing technical sprays, rust solutions)
  • Osram (car bulbs)
  • AEG (car accessories and bulbs)
  • Patrol (tool boxes, organizers, snow shovels)

The main partners – shops / resellers

The main resellers are: hypermarket networks, Cash & Carry networks, DYI stores, car service and representatives, auto parts stores, gas stations, large online stores, non-specialized stores.

Industry Division – final consumers

Besides the distribution division presented above, within Sprinter there is also a division dedicated to sales to final consumers: industry, military and governmental bodies, etc. For these clients we offer both standard products of the company, as well as personalized products and services, according to the needs indicated by each client separately.
The products and brands distributed to end users, companies and institutions are:

  • Foton (batteries, chargers, flashlights, batteries)
  • Escape (security lighting fixtures)
  • Hoppecke (industrial lead-acid batteries)
  • Varta (car and motorcycle batteries)
  • Saft/Arts Energy (lithium batteries and industrial batteries)
  • Rayovac (batteries for hearing aids, button batteries)
  • Peli (professional portable lanterns and lamps and protective bags)
  • Wolf Safety (lanterns and professional portable anti-flashlights)
  • Brunox (lubricating / degreasing technical sprays, rust solutions)
  • Salicru (non-interruptible sources, converters, inverters)

The main customers among the end users are: producers and transporters in the energy field, refineries, airports, army, police, emergency services, telecommunications, industry.

Distribution Map

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